Pawsome Doggy TRAINING FAQs

Can I buy your products online?

Yes! You can visit our Facebook page to order paying direct deposit, or to order and pay online with card or Afterpay please visit our shop: Home | PAWSOME PUPPIES (

Do you charge a deposit or cancellation fees?

We don’t charge a deposit, however we do have cancellation fees.
We understand things happen and you may need to reschedule your appointment or cancel. As we are often booked up in advance, we do require notice in order to give us a chance to fill your session time. The more notice you are able to give, the better!

Cancellation fees:
5 days or more – no fee charged

2-5 days – 25% of the session fee charged

Less than 2 days or within 24 hours – 50% of the session fees charged

If you reschedule within two weeks of your original session your cancellation fee will be used as a deposit and credited towards your re-booked session.

All fees are due within 7 days of the invoice date and can be paid via direct deposit, or over the phone by credit or debit card.

Once a session time has been confirmed and booked, you are thereby agreeing to the terms of service including any cancellation fees that may be payable by you.

What makes Pawsome Puppies different from any other trainer?
The dog training industry isn’t regulated so unfortunately there are a lot of “dog trainers” out there who potentially make your dogs issues worse long term.

It is common for dog trainers to tell people that there is nothing that can be done, or the dog training methods used are not helpful for the dog because the majority of dog behavioural problems are neurological and the trainer isn’t qualified to deal with the issues on that level.

At Pawsome Puppies, the high-level of internationally recognised dog behavioural training in both dog psychology and dog neurology that our dog behaviorists have, enables them to have more of an in-depth view of the cause not just the symptoms and are then able to use techniques based on these observations to combat unwanted behaviours, rather than just masking them.

I have been told that my dog's behaviour is just part of his breed, is that true?
No, there are no breed specific behaviours or “bad breeds” all behaviours are learnt and can be rectified with the right training by certified behaviourists.
How do I choose the best dog for me?
As a rule of thumb, match the dog’s energy level with your lifestyle. In example; if you are a couch potato, and you chose a high energy breeds, your dog will find other outlets to burn energy if you cannot keep up so your dog is more likely to dig or destroy things etc. On the flipside, if you are a high energy person and you chose a low energy breed, your dog is likely to burnout.
What is the difference between dog obedience training and behavioural training?
Dog obedience training is when the dog is looking for a cue to obey the owner (hand gestures, vocal cues etc). Whereas behavioural training is based off being taught manners, that have been instilled in the dog so it knows what to do at all times without the need for the dog to rely on cues.
Why is necessary to do training in the home with the owners involvement?
This is important because dogs behave differently in different environments, therefore the assessment by our behaviourists of the dog is more accurate in its usual surroundings. The owners participation is necessary because they are going to be the ones responsible for guiding the dog to be the dog they want.
I have already had my dog trained, however, my dogs behaviours have resurfaced, how can I end the cycle?
Your dog’s behaviour often resurfaces as a result of the wrong technique being used to combat the problem.

This is common in shut down methods, which is a bandaid solution triggering the dog to become overwhelmed and shutting down, seemingly responding to the training method, when they are actually suffering.

Once the dog gains confidence back, the bad behaviours often return worse than before. At Pawsome Puppies doggy school, our behaviourists understand that there is a reason for every behaviour and by specifically dealing with the cause, not just the symptom, our dog trainers are able to correct the problem by teaching the dog in a way they understand, without the use of harsh methods.

What methods do you use for your training programs?
Our dog trainers only use gentle and reward based methods to train your dog. Pawsome Puppies dog school will never use any harsh methods including, pain, fear or shut down techniques.
How long will it take for my dog's behaviour to improve?
Every dog is different in how fast they learn, and each behaviour will take time to correct. You cannot put a time limit on dog training, if you are committed and consistent, your dog will learn at its own pace and you will see changes.