Adult and Senior Dog Training Services


Pawsome Puppies dog training services is here to help you with your adult or senior dog training needs, remembering that any behaviour that your dog has learnt, can be un-learnt using the right dog training techniques.

We can help to create a bond between the dog and the dog owner that may not have existed before, or strengthen the bond that is already there.

Your investment in your dog’s well-being will be repaid to you by your dog with life long loyalty and respect.

The adult dog sessions are recommended for dogs 16 week to 10 years, and the senior dog sessions are for dogs 10 years and over (breed dependent)

Adult/Senior Dog training Services

Dog Behavioural Training

Pawsome Puppies will come to your home and do an assessment of your adult dog and how it reacts in its natural environment. Our professional dog behaviourist will tailor a management plan for your adult or senior dog to correct any behavioural issues.

Some of the issues that can be addressed in this behavioural training session are; barking, walking on lead difficulties, dominant behaviour, jumping, separation anxiety, pulling on lead, toilet training, nervousness, digging, respecting boundaries, aggression towards other dogs or humans, reactive behaviours, rescue or foster dogs not settling in and much more.

This private dog training session is constructed to educate the dog owner as to why their adult dog is acting/reacting the way they do and what can be done to correct it.

Our dog trainer will customise a dog behavioural training plan that the owner can follow to achieve the desired results. This appointment is recommended for adult, senior and rescue dogs and runs for approximately 3 hours.

From $250.00 please contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Training Services

Dog Obedience

Dog obedience sessions will teach you to create a communication pathway between you and your adult or senior dog by utilising the dogs smell, sight and hearing.

Pawsome Puppies dog behaviourist will teach you how to train your adult or senior dog to listen for words of command or learn hand gestures to associate with a sound to obtain the desired result.

Example: teaching your dog basic commands, like sitting and staying to more complex obedience like developing a strong recall. Dog obedience training classes take approximately 1-2 hours per session.

From $200.00

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Dog Rehabilitation Training

A dog rehabilitation training appointment is generally undertaken by owners of rescue dogs.

Pawsome Puppies professional dog trainers are able to work with the dog and the dog owner to rehabilitate adult and senior rescue dogs who can be showing signs of aggression, fear, trust issues and reactive issues.

A dog rehabilitation training session is approximately 3 hours.

Each adult and senior dog will be assessed on a case by case basis, and some behaviours may require more than one private dog training session to combat.

Although we do our best to keep it to a single session, this is sometimes not possible depending on the severity of the behaviour.

From $250.00 please contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Second Chance Dog Training/Council Compliance Dog Training

At Pawsome Puppies dog school, we understand sometimes your adult or senior dog gets itself into trouble with your local council.

This can be in the form of many issues such as aggressive behaviour, or nuisance dogs. As all behaviours that your dog is showing are learnt behaviours, our professional dog behaviourist can work with you and your dog to combat the problem and ensure that you are complying with council orders.

Second Chance Dog Training sessions run for approximately 3 hours.

Our dog behaviour specialist will assess each dog on a case by case basis and some behaviours may require more than one session to combat.

Although our doggy school team do our best to keep it to a single session, this is sometimes not possible depending on the severity of the adult or senior dog’s behaviour.

From $250.00 please contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Senior Dog Training

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? Wrong!

Your dog is able to learn and absorb information throughout its whole life.

If you are having adult or senior dog behavioural issues with your senior dog, let Pawsome Puppies professional dog behaviourist help. We will come in and do an assessment on your dog and tailor you a plan to combat any unwanted behaviours.

Sometimes, as your dog gets older, the dog’s behaviours change and this can be a normal process for the dog and we can also help you to learn and understand what your senior dog goes through as it ages.

Senior dog training sessions run for approximately 3 hours.

From $250.00 please contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Group Dog Classes & Training

Beginners Adult/Senior Dog Class: This dog obedience training course is designed to run once a week over 3 weeks.

Your Pawsome Puppies dog trainer will meet the group in a public setting and start off by teaching your adult or senior dog to learn your body language, you will go through basic dog obedience training and drills to keep your dog focused on the owner and able to ignore the distractions around it.

Our group dog classes will take you through walking your dog on a loose lead, walking/weaving through people and other dogs without being distracted and basic good manners. Each group dog training class runs for 1 hour.

Advanced Adult/Senior Dog Class: This dog obedience training class is only available for people who have completed their beginners dog training with Pawsome Puppies.

Through one session a week, over 3 weeks, your Pawsome Puppies senior dog trainer will meet you in a public setting and guide you to teach your dog to meet and greet with other dogs, more advanced dog training for walking on the lead, road safety, advanced recall training and more.

Both of these dog school sessions run for 1 hour.

$170.00 Beginners Course

$300.00 Beginners + Advance course package (SAVE $40.00)

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Dog Industry Safety Training

Our dog school team of specialists can help train staff, individually or in a group setting who work in any industry where you risk coming into contact with a dog.

We have trained tradies, postal workers, dog walkers, meter readers, council park workers and more!

We can show you how to safely approach a dog, how to get away from a dog and how to prevent being bitten or attacked by a dog.

We will go through dog triggers and how to avoid them, how to recognise and interpret a dog’s body language and how to prepare your own body to be the least threatening as possible.

These professional dog training sessions vary in price and time, depending on the group size and can be anywhere up to a full day seminar, however for an individual these sessions run for approximately 3-4 hours.

Please contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Real World Senior Dog Training

We know that you want your adult or senior dog to be as much a part of your family as the humans, but like humans, outside the dog’s home is a whole new world and we need our dogs to behave appropriately.

Pawsome Puppies dog behaviouralist can help you to train your dog in social situations such as, park etiquette, cafe etiquette, beach etiquette, travelling with your dog, moving house and any time you take your dog outside their regular home.

These real world dog classes last approximately 1-2 hours per session.

From $200.00

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Online Dog Training

At Pawsome Puppies, our professional dog trainers understand there are situations where we may not be able to come to you at your home. For these situations, our doggy school can offer most of our senior dog training services via live streaming on your smart device.

The cost and running times of these private dog training  sessions will vary depending on your needs and most sessions will take a little longer doing them online than it would in person.

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Pet Sitter Services

Pets are naturally more comfortable when they are in their normal environment, so next time you are away, talk to our dog school team about tailoring a pet sitting service to suit your needs.

The pet sitter service can include, feeding your pets, walking your dogs, attending your house to spend time with your animals and much more

Contact us for a tailored, affordable pet sitting quote.

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Dog Walking Services

Our Pawsome dog walking service is designed for busy pet owners and anyone needing a little help to ensure that their adult or senior dog is getting the exercise and socialisation that they require.

After an initial assessment to determine your dog’s behaviour on a leash and social etiquette, Pawsome Puppies dog trainers will tailor a schedule to suit you and your dog’s needs.

From $20.00

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Dog Day Care

If you are unable to be with your adult or senior dog due to work, other circumstances or commitments, Pawsome Puppies can provide Dog Day Care.

In a safe and fully equipped location, you can drop your dog off knowing that it will be looked after to the highest standards.

During the time your adult or senior dog is with us here at Pawsome Puppies, we are able to do any feeding required, ensure your dog has both rest and exercise time and reinforce any training you have done.

You can rest assured that your dog is well looked after and get on with your day without having to worry about your dog being alone.

This service is suitable for all dogs from 16 weeks old.

From $30.00 per dog per day. Contact us for a quote

Adult/Senior Dog Services

Pet Transport Service

This pet transport service is for anyone who requires help in getting pets around!

At Pawsome Puppies, our dog trainers can help with transportation to vet appointments, grooming appointments, emergency transportation, airport transfers and more!

Prices are by case to case basis.